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Can you model the flow of traffic in London? Can you use traffic sensor data to predict traffic flow at certain junctions? What traffic routes should be modified to optimise traffic flow? What is the best way to model how incidents like collisions and roadworks impact daily traffic? How should London roads should be clustered according to traffic movement and locations? How would you visually represent the flow chain effect accross different roads and junctions? What is the best visual representation model for balancing traffic load in certain roads?

10TB ! of awesome datasets :-) 1) Surface London GIS Grid Layer, OS 2) London traffic sensor data 3) Oyster card (anonym) 4) London Buses (speed & stops) 5) London Roadworks 6) London Parking Offenses 7) London Collision Incidents 8) London Pedestrians sensor counts 9) Traffic Master 10) London roads & streets width and length… More to be announced soon.



  • Free bags with TfL memorabilia for all participants

  • Free Data Science books to be raffled donated by O'Reilly & Packt

  • 5 Free tickets to Big Data Week donated by BigStep

    £250 for the team that comes up with the best data-insightful simulation, prediction, classification, or probabilistic model that addresses the challenges

  • £250 for the team that comes up with best visualization that addresses the challenges

Project Partners

    Transport for London


    Data Science London


    Queen Mary University of London


    School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science


    Centre for Intelligent Sensing


    Imperial College London Urban Systems Lab

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